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Advertising Campaigns

The big idea goes on tour. Promotional campaigns require a central concept to apply in multiple situations. 

Macromedia – Let it rain

Building the brand on a history of industry leadership. 
  • Press ads, banners, caps T-shirts and merchandise to take the show on the road.
  • Bold ideas played out in brand reinforcing style. 

Abito Ftizroy – A bit of Fitzroy

A campaign for selling property off the plan. 
  • Press ads, banners, billboards, posters flyers, sales support and display suite design.
  • Questions anticipated and answers prepared. 

Fleurage Perfumery – 100% Botanical

100% botanical ingredients campaign
  • Six audiences and multiple product lines boiled own to one connecting idea. 
  • All advertisements in the series take dramatically different stating points but arrive at the same vision.
  • At no time do the promotions deviate from the elegance identified with the brand.

Kane Constructions – True Grit

Positioning in the construction industry
  • A campaign built around one clearly recognisable branded image.
  • Recruitment, market sector positioning and messages of client support were all projected with this one, honest, earnest image of endeavour.   
  • With this concept at the ready, advertisements were able to be quickly customised to suit sudden promotional opportunities.

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