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Advertising campaigns | concept design graphic design | Melbourne

Advertising Feature Projects

Advertising campaigns and promotional projects. 



Software advertising for Australia, New Zealand and Asia Pacific.
  • Press ad campaigns for single and double page spreads in design magazines across Australasia.
  • Benefit driven, audience oriented copy with real world dramas and solutions played out in brand reinforcing style. 

Fleurage Perfumery

Luxury product campaign
  • Six offers and independent audiences from one product line. 
  • Advertisements designed to work independently and together as a set for rotation through media.
  • Copy, imagery and offer all brushed with the same elegance derived from the brand values.

Kane Constructions

Positioning in the construction industry
  • A campaign built around one clearly recognisable branded image.
  • Recruitment, market sector positioning and messages of client support were all projected with this one, honest, ernest image of endeavour.   
  • With this concept at the ready, advertisements were able to be quickly customised to suit sudden promotional opportunities.

DC Heavy Equipment Finance

Simple banners ads with direct action.
  • Maximum use of available pixels, 
  • Clear purpose.
  • Used on their own website as well. 

Abito Property Development

Selling property off the plan
  • Press ads in bright colours for small and large spaces. 
  • Ads extended with postcard letter drop in the locale. 

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