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Brand Stewardship

Brand Management

brand stewardship

Along what path will your brand be directed?

This is about understanding the differences in the perception of the brand between the people inside and outside the company and guiding them toward a common understanding.

  • What do you stand for?
  • How do you want your company to be thought of?
  • What is the public impression of your company and its offering?
  • What do your staff think about the company and its offering?
  • Do these ideas match? What needs to be done to bring them together so they are on the same path?
  • Can you back it up so the experience supports the expectation?

Creating a brand extends beyond what the logo looks like. The logo is a trigger to remember what you stand for.


These key steps are used in the selection of a suitable name and the development and positioning of a brand.

  • Attitudes of the people inside the organisation
  • Attitudes of the clients
  • Attitudes of potential clients

Brand Values

What do you stand for? This is where you spell it out loud and clear.
  • The guiding set of core beliefs that is central to everything your brand undertakes.
  • A checklist against which all activities can be evaluated.
  • A reference guide for every key player in your company structure be it marketing, product development, recruitment, management or delivery.

Logo Design

The cornerstone to your identity. The logo has a lot of work to do.
  • Media savvy, it has to be ready to appear on television, survive being faxed or be able to be stamped into cheese.
  • It has to match the future vision of your enterprise.
  • It has to be built to look fresh and new for five to ten years.

Identity Development

The full suit your company wears.
  • A graphic style to represent your brand's values (or if you prefer corporate culture).
  • It can start with the basics, letterhead business cards, with compliments slip etc and develop into a style for documents, signs, livery and advertising.

Corporate Identity Style Guide

Instructions for uniform roll out.
  • Documented corporate colours across print and electronic media
  • Details of the logo and guidelines for its correct use
  • The graphic style of the organisation detailed so the one set of symbols are easily deployed in many locations by different hands.

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