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Forward Edition 25/10/10

Vivid Communications




This issue, where have we been?


We've been busy building.

Building new understandings, new techniques and more sophisticated design services. We have been busy expanding the photography studio, turning web sites into evolving entities, designing sign strategies for very large buildings, putting clients on youtube and building a luxury brand from the inside.

Oh we have also been building our own web site.

It has been a period of intense research and development which has fed immediately back into our client work. The research has been driven by our own involvement in the perfume company Fleurage operating in a highly competitive field.

Today, design and communication is split into streams of one on one conversations, narrow casting and strategic broad campaigns – all facilitated by technology and undermined by the same technology. Never before has it been more important to have the brand values clear and communication tools at the ready to assist your ambassadors and keep clients on side.

Hi, its time for us to action our mantra, "Do good things and tell people".


Building a Brand | The Living Website | Wayfinding Perth Arena | Photography & Video | SEO Tools


Building a Brand



Part of the promotional campaign set used as posters, cards and on-line.









We were determined
to use this as an opportunity to see design through our clients eyes.

Unique client insight

Fleurage poster campaign





There is nothing like stepping into another persons shoes to gain first hand knowledge.

Inside knowledge

Not just a client, Fleurage shares a director with Vivid. All manner of commercial realities are used to evaluate design and communication activities. Vivid has gained insights not usually shared with outside organisations about not what is expected but what is needed from their design and communication partners.

This has honed our awareness of services beyond the initial brief.

Brand benefits

The time Invested in developing the brand – its values as well as its appearance – is time well spent. Like anything requiring belief, it works in powerful and mysterious ways, attracting kindred interests and protecting itself from undesired advances. When the branding is right, perfect match partnerships appear out of the woodwork like magic.

Complete integration

From brand concept and its expression on over 250 products to retail design, instore displays, online shopping, promotional packs, through to events, training courses and product manuals. Everything points back to the core values and adds to the power of the brand.

Tracking responses & ROI.

All advertising, PR, promotional campaigns and search engine optimisation is measured against sales. This critical strategic information is used evaluate the most effective methods cent red around the customer. See Links

One truth we have confirmed is that there are no shortcuts to building a brand. It is a constant process of reaffirmation of the core values over time.


The Living Website




The computer screen reduces every company to the same size. How nimble are you with your offer?










Stop thinking
about "pages".







What is your business
on the internet?

Endlessly up dateable, always current.

If the "medium is the message" then the internet's message is currency. Today. Now.

Is the information on your website up to date? If not then why? Web sites need to move at the speed of your business. A nimble business can out perform a large enterprise by responding to shifts in the market and promoting it immediately.

Your content needs to reflect where you are right now.

Content Management Systems

The most effective way to keep on top of it is to have a content management system drive your website. What is a CMS in 25 words or less?

Text and links reside in a database. The server builds a fresh formatted web page from the database using queries built into the buttons, voila!

Log in make your changes and hit save.

No more hard coded pages. No more set number of pages. But the advantage only starts there. Because the system is built using powerful server technologies there are a slew of other features which are able to be bolted on. The features you are accustomed to seeing on modern websites like "search" and "registered users" are all made straight forward.

What are the possibilities?

go to the list
For an active business the CMS architecture allows the flexibility you need to create a customer channel for an expanded, in-depth, genuine experience of your brand.

Full featured on line shop, social network connected blogs, online community with chat groups and discussion boards, photo and video galleries, email newsletters, document management systems or your own banner advertising resale program.

The range of possibilities is so wide you can create the actual business itself. Concept, promotion, offer and sales in one.

Which CMS?

There are quite a range of commercial and Open Source CMS systems available. Vivid uses Joomla! It is mature, flexible, powerful, extremely well supported internationally and is Open Source which means it is not locked into a proprietary system.

It has over 6,000 extensions which makes it one of the most flexible systems available. Take a quick look at an edited selection of the features available to you and then think about how you could provide added value to your clents.


Website Content manamgement login

Login and start updating your site from anywhere.









The Superbloogger extension turns standard content into a full featured blog on your own site.social networking sitesEngage with social networking direct
from your website.



6,000 Joomla Extensions, 128 million downloads. There is something here for you.

Ads & Affiliates
Affiliate Advertising
Banner Management
Classified Ads
Corner Banners
Google Ads
Jobs & Recruitment
Text & Link Ads

Calendars & Events

Clients & Communities
CRM bridges
Help Desk
Members lists
Project & Task Management
Ratings & Reviews
User Management

Chat - hosted
Forum add-ons. Autonomous
Forum Bridges
Instant Messaging
Live Support
Live Support - hosted
Online Status
Phone & SMS
Video conference

Contacts & Feedback
Articles comments
Contact Details
Contact forms
Guest Book
Testimonials & Suggestions

Content Sharing
Articles Sharing
Bookmark & Recommend
Mailing & Distribution Lists
Mailing & Newsletter bridges
RSS Syndicate


Directory & Documentation
Cloud Storage
Documents - cloud based
Print & PDF
Thematic Directory

Affiliate Carts
Billing & Invoices
e-Commerce Bridges
Paid Downloads
Paid Membership & Subscriptions
Payment Gateway
Payment systems
Shopping Cart

Currency & Exchange
Stock Market
Taxes & Mortgages

Automatic translations
Language Dictionary
Language Edition
Multi-lingual Content

Maps & Weather
Maps & Locations

Apple Display
Mobile Apps
Mobile Display
Mobile Production

Multimedia Display
Multimedia Players
Streaming & Broadcasting

News Display
Articles Embed
Articles Showcase
Featured Articles
Frontend News
Latest News
News Tickers & Scrollers
RSS Readers

And of course you will want to share your online cool...

How social are you?
blogger canyoo delicious deviant art dig dzone facebook
flickr foursquare google buzz linked in mobile me msan myspace
plaxo rss skype thisnext tumblr twitter viddler


Below is a selection of web sites we have built using the Joomla CMS.


We have developed content managed websites for finance, property, information technology, food services, hotel and transport industries.

Bergin CT was launched last week. Congratulations Paul and Co.

Bergin CT Website

We are happy to announce our latest project, The Bergin CT Website!


Graphic Design for business

Vivid Communications Website

A new brand of HOTELs

Bloomfield Group website

DC Heavy Equipment Finance
Streamlined loans process



Mouth watering website.


Defining a new suburb precinct.


Extreme road transport



Off the plan sign design for a landmark building
– wayfinding Perth Arena

The new Perth Arena by ARM
  Perth Arena by Ashton Raggatt McDougall + Cameron Chisolm and Nicol.

A complete sign programme for the new 15,000 seat rock venue.






Does a visitor feel like they have been though of when they arrive?












Size, materials, finish, quantities, installation
= cost you can budget.











Integration with architectural intent.

Perth Arena is destined to place Perth on the global touring map for world renown acts.

Its style is both magnetic and perplexing. Complex geometries define its appearance and structure. Architectural and graphic ambiguities are deliberately encouraged to generate intrigue and foil scale. Its a sports stadium sized music and entertainment theatre.

That's great but where's my seat?

In the age of e-tickets a person may have no actual need to talk to venue staff to see a show. The mission: get 15,000 people to their seats by themselves.

It was not the only mission of course. Ticket holders were only one of the audiences identified from our wayfinding audit and the design of the building called for something away from the ordinary.

Attendees, staff and performers
– these ways please.

Who wants to go where? How do they get there? Simple questions with potentially complex answers. The idea is to make simple groups out of the long list that emerges.

  • Permanents (eg. staff, managers, executives)
  • Temporaries (eg. event staff, performers)
  • Visitors (eg. ticket holders, guests, dignitaries)
  • Public/Private

We audited current operating venues of similar capacity which revealed many instances of what not to do and how seriously derelict a wayfinding system can become if it is not implemented properly initially.

How much will signs cost?

Wayfinding is easier to design when you have a building to walk around but budgets are put together long before there is a building. To solve the chicken and the egg quandary we designed the wayfinding programme "off the plan" so to speak. Full design and documentation of the scheme for tender with detailed scale drawings and materials descriptions for costing and production.

Once the full scope is known advice can be given on where the money should be spent to gain the best quality and quantity balance. These signs cost less than the client thought they were going to.

A hall of shadows for the "blend-in-but-don't-be-discreet" design challenge.

Interior Perth Arena

The building's aesthetics demanded specific design integration of a new and unusual kind. Fit in, be obvious, don't distract. We picked up on the dark graphic shadow theme for the sign bases and kept the colour scheme simple but high contrast.

A library of shapes from the building.

A key design concept fundamental to the building is the infinity puzzle. It offers a rich variety of useful shapes all connected to the core idea. We borrowed a solution.



Perth Arena Floor Plan

The Perth Arena auditorium way finding plan. Seating for 15,000 people.


Perth Arena Floor plan


Part of a plan showing sign locations and inset illustrations of the major wayfinding signs.

Sign shapes library



Custom typeface design.

A stadium for international rock acts – the pulsating LED lights of the mixing desk presented itself as a grand motif to run through large numerals and arrows. Adopt.


Vomitory Entry, Door number


More than 750 signs from over 30 styles.

The end result is a complete graphic language for the entire building. The sign shapes are derived from ideas common to the architecture – it creates an innate harmony. The graphics are designed to be clear and informative while relating to performance experiences.

All while showing the guests around.





The Perth Arena typeface design comes with
an added optical bonus.
Stare it down and chase the invisible dots.
Its like energy pulsating between people.

High energy type for heroic
moments in the building.

Perth Arena Sign designs
Perth Arena Signs 2

  See the time lapse animation of Perth Arena under construction.


Photography and Video


Fashion parade to photography to Youtube


The Youtube video extends the event for… ever.

Flaurage Fashion Video  







Converting one media to another allows you to make more out of your resources.

Today if you are managing a brand then you are in the media business. The avenues are available, waiting for your content. The power balance between traditional and social media is shifting rapidly changing the nature of reporting, journalism, public relations and promotion campaigns.

With many people finding their own trusted media (often direct to the source) it is important to keep the communication channels flowing with content. By re purposing information you can populate many communication streams.

By way of example Heavy Haulage Australia publishes raw footage of their trucks on youtube and have had over a million views on one clip alone. Their promotional video has had 37,000 views. That's a lot of consistent brand messaging.

Capturing the Mad Men style

The vintage fashion parade was a held in the Fleurage Perfumery among select invitees. The photography was part of the event. The studio was in view of the audience. The models, fresh from makeup, would pose in front of the camera and then parade in front of the crowd.

While the parade itself was a success the images have been distributed to magazines and PR companies through the Vivid media centre (at our old home of www.vivid.net.au). The photographs have also been re-purposed as video. High Definition DVD for upcoming trade shows and instore marketing and youtube for universal internet access.

There are many side benefits of publishing to youtube. It is possible to keep track of views, it assists with your search engine presence, it can be your commercial to the world for as long as you like and it is available for free.

If you are managing a brand you are in the media business. What do you have that you can re-purpose?

See the youtube video here


High end photography for printed promotions


Hair, makeup, fashion styling and studio lighting.


Search Engine Optimisation Tools – Vivid website feature



Keep the best sharp
tools at hand.

Keyword finders, directories and diagnostics.

We receive updates regularly about new SEO tools to help you get ahead in the race for search supremacy. They range from pure gold to the inaccurate to the intimidating esoteric. We keep a list of the most useful and accurate on the "Web Sites" section of our digital home.

A lot of search engine optimistation is purely slog work - finding the right terms that surround what you do. Often this is best done by someone close to the company. Possibly you or someone close to you.

Someone who knows the clientelle you are trying to be in front of. Compiling that list is time consuming but it is very important it is done right. These tools help enormously to create the list that you can then work on incorporating into the fabric of your site.

The "Cool SEO Tools" panel is on the right hand side of our site. We update this list as improvements are made. If we find something better we add it or replace one that is there.

Search Engine Optimisation tools

A section taken for the Vivid website.



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