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Often our work is part of the exhibition. Our information graphics are designed to integrate with the display. Sometimes we are asked to produce the exhibition item itself.


Small – Exhibition series

Royal Australian Institute of Architects exhibitions exploring the scale of ideas.
  • A gallery style series of exhibitions featuring burgeoning architectural firms.
  • The brand was designed to be its own play on how "big is small" a critical theme of the exhibition. 
  • By changing the colour schemes the identity was easily reinvented for future use.

Death, Burial & Beyond

An exhibition at the Jewish Museum of Australia
  • Promotional theme designed and produced for banners and advertisements
  • Large format exhibition display panels created for use in the show.
  • Catalogue of the exhibition containing details of each featured item. 

Lyons Architects Venice Bi-enalle Exhibit

One enormous image created from 70,000 postcards
  • Colour themed postcards became individual pixels in this huge city landscape of Melbourne's skyline. 
  • The lower rung of postcards were removable, souvenirs of the exhibition.
  • Full sets of the cards were packed in gift boxes for special presentations.

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