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Gala Events, Launches

Gala Dinners & Launches

Event logo, sponsors kits, charities, invitations, tickets awards, programs, seating plans, videos are just the basics when it comes to gala events.  

Macromedia  MX Launch 

The largest launch campaign Macromedia had ever undertaken.
  • Full press ad campaign for months prior.
  • On-line registration for attendees and VIP invitation mail outs to thousands.
  • Major at venue banner procession and huge hanging product banners inside the venues.  
  • Twenty minute countdown with rock out audio launched into the kicking event video. Welcome. 

Bean Counter’s Ball

A gala night for accountants and a bit of charity fundraising.
  • An emergency, its five weeks out and the idea we had isn't working, can you help?
  • Event logo and campaign graphics turned around so they could rescue what was looking to be a no show,
  • The enthusiasm of our hero is still infectious today. 

MAPS Group Awards

A gala dinner for 600 networking guests
  • A central theme of a celebration of achievement was carried though the invitation to the program to the projected event screens. 

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