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Brochure Design | DL Flyer Cards | Melbourne

Brochure Design

Brochures are hard working, flexible and they are tangible evidence that you mean what you say.

Even internet companies need brochures. They have a habit of being convenient, easy to hand around, read on a train, give to a friend, browse over coffee, insert into a magazine or leave at cafés.

Fleurage perfumery brochures

A complete sales kit that fits into an envelope or a back pocket. 
  • A comprehensive product range brochure complements brochures produced for single stream services.
  • Artwork used is also used on the website for perfect tie in.
  • Pdf versions are also available on the website.

RMIT Library services brochure

The easiest way to tell 25,000 students what is available where. 
  • This 12 page DL concertina fold brochure informs students about the full range of library services and where to obtain extra information on-line.
  • The DL brochure dramatically reduces the phone traffic and personal enquiries they receive.

Macromedia, software brochure

A punchy multi folding card weight brochure full of benefits.
  • Performance boosting concept extended throughout the copy.
  • Competitive offers and tear-off return coupon to drive sales.
  • Close tie-in with press advertisements to maximise market impact and return on investment in the concept.

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