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Catalogue Design | Range Brochure | Melbourne

Catalogue Design

The offer clearly organised, presented and ready for trade. The catalogue is the mark of a serious organisation committed to its product and focused on the customer.

Makers Mark jewellery catalogue

A luxury presentation of premium jewellery art.  
  • Each page designed like an art gallery exhibition.
  • Photography by internationally renown photographer Lucas Allen.
  • Elegence and power through restraint with one word only per spread. 

Collections Design Group catalogue

Corporate apparel sales catalogues for women and men.
  • A series of editions for different markets and seasons.
  • Location, models and photography for multiple ranges of products.
  • Images and catalogue colour swatches matched to fabric samples for truest product representation.

Museum Exhibition catalogue

The event preserved through the documentation of its contents,
  • Essays, works of art and the curators statement.
  • The exhibition catalogue is like a book of the event. 
  • Exhibitions have a brief show time, the printed catalogue becomes the product that extends the event's life span for decades.

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