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Designed Book | Monograph | Melbourne

National Museum of Australia - Building Monograph

A riotous collision of ideas unlike any other.

The National Museum of Australia is a truly mesmerising building. It is a riotous collision of ideas unlike any other building in Canberra or any other museum in the world. The book “Tangled Destinies” is an exploration of the motifs embedded in the building. Fourteen writers offer their sides of the story like tourists reporting on frozen glimpses from a roller coaster ride – everyone with their own take on the ride.

We made every attempt to make the book a reflection of the surprising, compelling and beguiling nature of this building. We wanted to clarify the ideas to strengthen the mystery. John Gollings’ superb photography is augmented by an amazing wealth of drawings, renders, models, and reference material. Cues were taken from the text for the ideas to shape the pages, amplifying different readings and surrounding the reader with ideas. We were determined to make sure that no idea escaped the pages of the book.

The book is a homage to all who worked on building this National Monument, everyone involved in the creation of the building has their name on the inside cover papers.  

Project Specification180 pages hard cover
4 colour throughout
280mm x 280mm

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