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Print Feature Projects

Perception shifting projects in we find ourselves talking about quite often.


Kane Constructions
Company profile

A brochure that uses success to breed more success.
  • Glorious saturated colour is reserved for the heroic building images. 
  • Monochromatic photographs give busy construction images a journalistic style and dignity.
  • Combined with intense colour and a high gloss finish this profile has been part of a successful campaign to win much larger projects over the long term.

National Museum of Australia
Tangled Destinies

A building monograph of great complexity
  • A mesmerising tangle of references built as a national monument.
  • 14 diverse writers in styles ranging from the forensic to the poetic.
  • Incredible photography by John Gollings 
  • 180 pages of new ideas and interpretations on Australian culture

Makers Mark jewellery catalogue

A luxury presentation of premium jewellery art.  
  • Each page designed like an art gallery exhibition.
  • Photography by internationally renown photographer Lucas Allen.
  • Elegence and power through restraint with one word only per spread. 

Fleurage perfumery brochures

A complete sales kit that fits into an envelope or a back pocket. 
  • A comprehensive product range brochure complements brochures produced for single stream services.
  • Artwork used is also used on the website for perfect tie in.
  • Pdf versions are also available on the website.

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