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Invitation Design | VIP Special Event | Melbourne

Invitation Design

The art of the party is in setting the tone. Printed or electronic, invitations should be a joy to receive either way.

Breakfast and Launch

Starting the day with a belly full of good intentions. 
  • A dry subject, (server technologies) turns into something much more appetising when offered like this.
  • Short run digital print matched exact quantities to the mailing list.

Fleurage Perfumery
Christmas party invitation

1930's Jazz age Christmas event at the perfumery.  
  • The vintage theme matched the brand and the invitation set the scene. 
  • Guests arrived beautifully attired and exceptionally mannered.
  • Take home gift bags completed the event as a thank you to all who attended.

Halftime Club
Teaser invitation to a forum.

With no mention of who sent it, this invitation had a 100% response rate.
  • It was the 21st year of the architecture discussion group.
  • This card was sent to a list of guest speakers with no other information.
  • Two days later the formal letter of invitation was sent. Everyone responded, only one couldn't make it.

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