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Newsletter Design | News Communique Update | Melbourne

Newsletter Design

A quick and casual way to keep in contact with your client base. The newsletter is the ideal casual format for information about your activity and direction.

Whether in print or email, the newsletter is both a reminder that you are going places and an invitation for your clients to come along.


Kane Constructions
“Concrete Boots” edition

A fun look at their sports and entertainment buildings.
  • Its a serious business so some levity can really help. After working so hard on the construction of sports and entertainment facilities it was time to kick back and enjoy what they had built. 
  • With some light humour the stories are more interesting to read and the good nature of Kane Constructions’ people shines through.  

Melbourne Exhibition
& Convention Centre

The award winning newsletter that set a new standard in the industry.
  • The high quality of stock and elegant long format of the news letter reproduced with metallic inks and 4 colour process was very much ahead of its competitors. None had thought a newsletter could be such an effective tool.

Fleurage Perfumery newsletter

Liberated from the confines of print the newsletter becomes an email animal. 
  • Easy to distribute without print costs the email newsletter is a very popular way to keep in touch. 
  • Run your own email campaign from your own content managed website 
  • Subscriptions and email lists can be managed from your own website for best practice “we are not spam” control. 

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