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Poster Design | Campaign Point of Sale Advertising | Melbourne

Poster Design

Fast recognition of one direct and clear message. We like to make posters that people don’t want to take down.


Macromedia campaign posters

When its a good idea it gets even better bigger. 
  • Artwork created at high resolution so it is ready for when you say "We’ll need that website banner ad as a poster".

Fleurage perfume posters.

The personality of the fragrance up large. 
  • Campaign and point of sale posters created for each of the 45 fragrances. 
  • Each poster created for use as in-store sales support, packaging imagery and web site iconography. 

Mars Confectionery point of sale posters

Loud and proud, point of sale at your local convenience store. 
  • The hero character was recreated from very small original art to be suitable for A1 poster printing. 
  • The poster art was reused in the creation of a large format image of the pack which was then used as an extender card for the point of sales product display. 

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