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Design and Layout

From start to finish the process is about making the right choices to connect your business with its audience.

We ensure you are involved in the critical moments of the project – the brief, the initial concept design, the comprehensive design, and the approval of the released artwork. We don't pretend to know your business better than you do and we are pretty skilled at crafting messages. Working together we achieve better insight.

1) The brief

Set the objectives clearly and agree on the parameters of the project.

2) Concept development and design

Produce loose ideas for discussion. This is a first round meeting where directions are discussed and ideas are judged on the basis of their potential.

3) Comprehensive design

Presentation of design/s as a comprehensive visual. This is the stage at which you see the design in a detailed format and design refinements can be made.

4) Finished artwork and release approval.

The selected design is completed with full resolution imagery and final text. Visuals in either hard copy or PDF are presented to you for approval before the printing proofs and plates are made.

5) Proofing & print supervision

A full colour proof from the press ready files is presented to you for final approval before going to print. Once the proofs are signed off we personally supervise the printing and approve press sheets against the proof for each section. This close contact is vital to guarantee quality and on-time delivery.

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