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Report & Profile Design

Never under estimate the value of a well produced company document. It is the embodyment of your direction, a clear vision acting as a beacon of attraction.

Kane Constructions
Company profile

A brochure that uses success to breed more success.
  • Glorious saturated colour is reserved for the heroic building images. 
  • Monochromatic photographs give busy construction images a journalistic style and dignity.
  • Combined with intense colour and a high gloss finish this profile has been part of a successful campaign to win much larger projects over the long term.

The State Library of Victoria
Annual Report

The year's activities in a single, polished, professional volume.
  • Reinforcing the brand, we designed the report as an illustration of the library's slogan, "information, ideas, inspiration".
  • Section dividers were treated creatively taking literary quotes and placing them over historical images from the library’s own image bank.
  • Image captions were designed to look like a beautifully crafted typographer’s search engine.

The City of Hume
Strategic growth document

Attracting success by planning for it and making the case clear.
  • A government report that speaks to business using the style of a professional, a look they easily understand and respect.
  • By producing a mature looking report the plan demonstrates more care in its preparation and carries more weight.

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