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Brand Value Statement

Brand Values Statement

What do you stand for? This is where you spell it out loud and clear.
  • The guiding set of core beliefs that is central to everything your brand undertakes.
  • A checklist against which all activities can be evaluated.
  • A reference guide for every key player in your company structure be it marketing, product development, recruitment, management or delivery.


The Brand Value Statement facilitates your market positioning. It states clearly what you stand for – a character guide for the “public behaviour” or reputation of the company.

This is about attitude and ethos – not product. An umbrella of personality and philosophy reinforced by the activity of the organisation.

Why create a brand value statement?

With a clear vision it is easy for everyone to contribute and feel confident they are playing an important role in the long term success of the company. Every staff member is an ambassador for your team.

Without one everyone will make up their own set of values to ascribe to your image. They'll change it as they see fit according to the latest experience or whimsy. By saying nothing people fill in the gaps themselves.

Capturing your values into a document allows your brand ideals to be applied to other enterprises which share similar principles. The brand then gains its own fiscal value and portability outside of its initial use.

The branding statement is a guide for all promotional styling directing public perception of the organisation to meet the desired values.

So who are you and what do you stand for?


NOTE: this is not a Mission StatementMission statements are only of interest to company Executives. They are meaningless to staff and customers. They provide a rationale for the company to exist and the plan to out do the competition but must not be confused with why people would want to associate with you.

What is your brand’s personality?

Brand values are about the philosophy and ethics that drive the product. By defining these we can guide the brand so people inside and outside the company have common ideas when they think about the brand. Brand values are the big picture ideas for use in every level of communication – identity, fit out, advertising, packaging, web sites, product even the way the telephone is answered.

What it is

A written document that captures the essence of the brand identifying the key values to be communicated providing a conceptual framework for the marketing style. Designed to be used by key contributors, it is written in concise language so the ideas can be easily absorbed and adopted.

What it does

The Brand Values Document is a cornerstone document for ensuring that what you want the brand to mean and what it means in the public arena can be coordinated to be the same or at least similar. This provides guidance for the continued enhancement of your reputation. It allows the organisation to control and direct the growth of a successful corporate image. By providing an outline of the personality of the brand, all communication can have the appropriate flavour. As a first step it will provide a written benchmark against which the brand graphic (logo) can be evaluated.

What’s involved

A brand value document is written based on the business objectives that addresses your audience, their insights, your position in the market place and types of activities. Our Brand Context Checklist at the end of this document is useful for the preparation of the Brand Values.


A consultation process where we agree on the strategic objectives for the brand or identity.
The first stage is to obtain information from you about the nature of your business. We need to understand where you plan to take the business to make sure the brand supports and confirms those activities.

Writing & Research

The document is written to best translate the business objectives into a brand personality understandable by key staff and broad audiences. Research is conducted by interviews and discussions with key stake holders and interested parties.


The document is presented for review and feedback.


Feedback is incorporated for final submission.

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