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Corporate Identity Design


What is a Corporate Identity?

It is the clothes your company does business in. A graphic style that can be applied to any object. The combination of logo, colours, pattern, typeface & positioning statement (or slogan) that create the brand look.

Corporate Identity Design

The Corporate identity is a range of elements that can be combined in multiple ways and be unmistakable. It is a graphic language for the company. Advertising, packaging, foyer, car, stationery and product are siblings in the one family – all marked with the same brush.

It is important to remember the logo is only one component of a corporate identity and the other items that surround it give the identity the power of a truly adaptable graphic language.

Corporate Identity – Implementation


Implementation – Identity Style Guide

A communications strategy and style guide are key documents to the success of the rollout.

Corporate Collateral

Logo adaptation and implementation across business applications including, stationery, forms, name badges, menus, napkins, coasters, sugar sticks, invitations, bags and presentation materials. Templates for internal electronic systems are created to project the identity at every point of contact.


The product completes the brand experience loop - the promise to expectation to experience - confirming or denying the brand offer. The packaging is the last opportunity to communicate values before the product is experienced. Direct communication opportunities like these are extremely important in building belief in the brand.


The corporate fleet is a major advertising free kick. With well branded vehicles you proudly carry your message to thousands of people just by going about your own business.

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