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Identity Feature Projects

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Fleurage Perfumery

A luxury brand founded on traditional high minded philosophies. 
  • The brand values was the starting point, a vision of luxury steeped in quality goods and personal, attentive service.
  • The name was selected from hundreds of options by measuring it against the vision.
  • The woman and panther are powerful symbols rich in layered meaning and providing a clear statement about the brand's origins. 

Bloomfield Hotels

Comfortable rock star grandeur for a series of hotels.  
  • The black and white striped "B" motif is easily echoed throughout the hotels in striped wall paper, furnishings, awnings and other incidental items.
  • The differing hotel types create major sub branded categories, each with their own version of the logo. 
  • The distinct personality is emphasised with humorous, intelligent copy. 


A multi-million dollar empire built by making smart decisions.
  • Started with a meeting of the two directors over coffee.
  • Now a multi million dollar enterprise
  • Successful sub branding and spin offs 
  • Easy recognition goes with all branded projects
  • Synonymous with vales of sustainability and prosperity.

Bergin CT

Collaborative Technology – more useful than IT.  
  • Marking out new territory in the IT industry. 
  • Modular iconography inspired by networking individuals becomes a graphic style for signs, illustrations and decorative patterns. 
  • The name is an ice breaker setting a better understanding of the value being offered. 

The Rathdowne property development

A logo for the transformation of an historic building.   
  • Modern styling with vintage references for the old buliding’s refurbishment and new extension. 
  • Taking its name from the street The Rathdowne gave buyers instant clues to the well recognised and sought after inner city location.

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