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Logo Design

Logo Design

The cornerstone to your identity. 
  • Emblems and symbols and custom typography for your business.
  • Color schemes and pattern design to extend the impact.
  • Industrial strength graphics that can be set in concrete, cut out of steel or stamped into chocolate. 
  • Artwork at the ready for any surprise opportunity.


The logo is the cornerstone of the graphic identity of a brand. It sets the agenda for the graphic language of the organisation and provides the key elements for recognition.

Click the logo below to see samples of our logo designs.

The logo has to be media savvy, reproduction friendly, modular and flexible so it can be applied to a letterhead, TV screen or on the side of a shipping container.

The Logo Design Process


Your Brand Values Document provides all necessary conceptual direction for the development of the identity. Additional practical requirements can be briefed at this stage for inclusion. Often there is no brand values document. We strongly advise you to undertake this as a fundamental investment in the future direction of your enterprise. Your identity will have influence on every contact you make. 

We conduct a consultation process where we agree on the strategic objectives for the brand or identity. We look at your business objectives that address your audience, their insights, your position in the market place and types of activities. We need to understand where you plan to take the business to make sure the brand supports and confirms those activities. The brief is written in consultation with you and agreed upon prior to creative executions. We have a checklist you can use to help prepare for an identity briefing.

Concept Development

Rough sketches are presented showing a range of broad ideas for discussion. (eg. This is where we discuss if it is a good idea to use … a skipping girl… or artistic typography… or a globe… or an iceberg… or an eagle…)

Design Development

The best potential directions are visualised and style and content direction is discussed. (eg. The eagle and the iceberg vie for attention.) Positioning statements are seen in context.

Design Refinement

Resolution of preferred (suggest three) options. (eg. The iceberg is shown with its full compliment of colours with examples of application).

Presentation to Key Decision Makers

The resolved designs are presented for consideration by the board. Pros and cons of the designs are then discussed for a selection to made.

Selected Design Refinement and Final Approval

Resolution and application of the selected option. Final colour schemes are documented for final approval and artwork files are produced.

Logo ArtKit™ and Quick Look Style Guide™

A complete artwork kit containing print ready versions of the logo in colour and format variations with an instruction sheet detailing colour specifications and basic usage principles. It includes the logo in all colour variations as documented in the guidelines in industry standard formats as well as .jpg for internal use.

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