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Corporate Identity and Brand Design


Logo, Typeface, Colour Scheme, Brand Values & Positioning Statements, Letterhead, Business Card, Corporate Collateral, Forms, Signs, Livery.

What you say and how you say it has a dramatic effect on what people expect from you. Identity sets expectations for you to build on. If you live up to the expectation you will confirm their beliefs, reinforcing your brand. Your image sets the stage for your reputation.

Identity is for you, your staff, and your clients.

From the first sight of the logo to the business card, delivery van, the voice on the phone, the well designed form. Every contact is a chance to create a good or bad impression – to build your reputation.

Just as important as the impression it makes outside the organisation is the effect it has on the people inside the organisation. Quality breeds pride and confidence, making it easier for people to do their best. The cycle feeds into itself attracting better people breeding more confidence.

Having good people is vital to a team. Every staff member is an ambassador for the business.

Corporate identity or brand?

Corporate Identity

Your logo developed into company style. Nearly every company wants to look organised and this is the place to start. When large advertising budgets are not part of the plan for the company it is important to invest more in the logo design so it clearly articulates the company’s purpose. Without advertising it is going to have to do the heavy lifting itself. 


Creating a brand goes beyond a logo. Your brand is your reputation. Designing a brand breaks down into four main areas;

  • Brand Values: what you stand for,
  • Brand Positioning (where it fits in the market),
  • Brand Strategy (how we give it meaning and direct it over time.)
  • Brand Design (what it looks like).
Brand design is most suited to situations where advertising features heavily in the vision.

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