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Video Feature projects

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Commonwealth games


Design institute

Heavy Haulage


Logica tradeshow video

‘We need to stop them in the aisles.’ This video was used at a tradeshow to pull the crowd, get them involved in a game and start talking to the staff. The fast pace and infectious funk had them clapping hands and stomping feet. It is made for repetitive viewing. If you don’t catch the text in the video, then it’s on the wall beside you.

Macromedia launch video

The event had to be big. Macromedia was announcing their greatest leap forward. The music built for twenty minutes. A female voice counted down the time. Lights swirled, a wolf howled and they saw a million years of invention condensed to fifty seconds. Macromedia MX was here.

City Of Hume launch video

The City of Hume is a large piece of Melbourne’s north west. 150 VIP’s were invited to the launch of the business prospectus and Hume needed to make it clear that they are serious, sophisticated operators. The Hyatt ballroom was booked, gourmet food was cooked in front of you by chefs and drinks were free flowing. When they were all primed a two minute block rocking video cut the air, summarised the prospectus and dropped them into the speeches. Everyone was feeling good about Hume that night.

Dealer Back Office Services animated tradeshow presentation

Dealer Back Office Services

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