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Video Services

Concept Development, Scripting, Story Boarding, Filming, Editing, Special Effects, Music Scoring, Audio Engineering, Sound Effects, Mastering, Digital Repurposing

Video creation process

Creating a professional production involves many stages which often overlap.  

1) Creative brief and technical specification

A product specification is the first defining step. It is a project description with a budget, team, timeline, development resources, and delivery platform. It outlines responsibilities, use and defines the deliverables.

2) Content and theme

A detailed project outline, in conjunction with a rough script is created. This establishes a common vision for all involved in the project and is used for production sign off. This enables everyone to reach a consensus regarding expectations for the finished product. It is often used as a stock take of what we have and what needs to be created. 

3) Scripts, story boards and functional prototype

A prototype is built as a functional test of the script and timing. We test the look and feel, the broad communication issues and details such as text sizes and other elements. Technical issues related to different media types can also be tested and resolved. Scripts are fully developed, music is sourced or created and the soundtrack developed. 

4) Content gathering and production

Final content including graphics, text, photography, video, audio and animation is collected or created to match the script.

5) Editing and production

Titles, special effect, soundscapes, music scores and voice overs are edited and proofed as a completed movie. 

5) Mastering and Delivery

The final approved version is transferred to the preferred format as specified in step 1. DVD, Umatic tape or direct to Youtube.

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