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Building Branding

Building Branding

Your brand as a beacon for the public to find you.

1010 Digital Harbour 

Illuminated sky sign, a giant sleeping computer.
  • The illuminated sky sign glows gently at night, fading up, holding, and fading down like a giant sleeping computer.
  • The 1010 sign was deliberately kept simple to retain the purity of the digital connection and to assimilate into the building design.,
  • The position of the sign faces Melbourne's CBD addressing the city’s population with an owl like watchful eye. 


Industrial strength steel sign, tough for the neighbourhood.
  • Stainless steel for protection against the salty air.
  • Across the road from a football stadium, the letters are half a meter deep for that special robust don't bother trying to bend me look.
  • Full scale mock up letters were made to assist in the decision making process. 
  • Existing blue stone footing feature extended to make for natural fit.

RMIT Info Corner brand

Flat, prominent and steel for street savvy long life.
  • People new to the city can see it from across the street. 
  • Specially designed to be visually prominent but flat against the wall at street level. 
  • Large friendly letters that imply “don’t panic”.
  • A high contrast dot screen used on the building facade is echoed in the graphics on the glass doors. 

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