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Sign Services

We work with you to ascertain the specific communication objectives for each area of the venue.


An audit to obtain the brief specifics will be conducted. This consists of;

  • General Details – purpose, size, word content, image content, quantity, life span, visibility etc.
  • Sign types – static, powered, illuminated,  animated, permanent, demountable, temporary,
  • Locations – Inside, outside, natural light, shaded glare, mounting, footing substrate, lighting, power support structures, and
  • Protection – graffiti/vandalism, fading, weather proofing.

Schematic Design 

Sets out the types of signs required. This will be a diagram marking the roles of the various zones and the purpose of the signs (wayfinding, public announcement or branding).

Zones may fall into the following areas;

  • Exterior building identification,
  • Entry (reception, foyers, kiosk and retail areas)
  • Main building function,
  • Public amenities (creche, toilets, change rooms, meeting rooms)
  • Private amenities (building manger, plant room).
  • Parking
  • Pedestrian Links
  • Information signs (regulations and conditions).


Visuals of the designs are provided rendered into photographs of the site and the building. Designs are provided as colour visuals with sample materials for sign off.

Comprehensive design

The full scheme is developed. Documentation of the entire sign program is provided as dimensioned drawings for signoff and costing.

Contract Administration

Vivid contracts manufacturers as part of the service. Following sign off of the drawings we secure competitive quotes and procure the most appropriate service provider/s.

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