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Feature Web Site Projects

Fleurage Perfumery

Luxury product showcase and on line shopping.
This site has set new standards for online shopping in the perfumery industry. Innovative features to assist in the selection of fragrance have been built into the design. Over three hundred products were photographed by Vivid to populate the shop.

Bloomfield Group

It started with The Albany and grew into a new brand entirely.
A 1960s hip hotel The Albany was a cool location with an old website. The redesign brought with it new responsibilities to live up to the more affluent clientele. A new upmarket brand "Bloomfield" was created and it is now a chain of luxury hotel offerings. 

DC Heavy Equipment Finance

This site is a prime example of what good design can do for business.
The previous design had the same content but in an uninspiring format. Attempts to generate leads fell flat and considerable money spent on advertising yielded no results. The new design added some new features to the content and made the process of applying for loans easier but it was the design which provided the all important mind shift in trust. Suddenly this unheard of new brand had won the confidence of first time visitors to deal in large sums of money. DC Finance has taken the lead role in their market sector with their web site. On the web, every business is the same size. Influence perception.

Made in Melbourne

A retail branding system for a city, a new brand to believe in.
With so many Australian icons becoming less related to their country of origin there seemed to be growing doubts about how one might go about contributing to your own economy with your spending power. Made in Melbourne is a brand specific to high quality, design minded products of local manufacture. Its purpose is to provide a key for the public to find out who our next generation of Australian icons will be.

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