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HTML web sites

HTML Web Sites

For fast implementation, fixed content or stage one prototyping, a static website can be the perfect way to be online fast. Standard html web pages is where it all began and Vivid began producing web sites in 1996.

Austral Credit Union

An information rich website established an new invigorated look and feel and attracted the attention of the industry.
  • It was an adventurous cool and charming style with an image gallery showcasing members photographs
  • The website came at a critical time for the credit union and allowed them to aggressively build membership.

Herald Austral Credit Union

A fast rebrand required a new website.
  • The success of the invigorated marketing drew new members and new partners, Austral Credit Union was now Herald Austral Credit Union. 
  • A larger information site was built to carry the entire load of marketing the Credit Union. The competitors were the big banks but on the internet there was no size difference. 
  • Vivid set up software and trained their staff so they could make changes on their website easily. 

MACU Credit Union

Our first credit union website complete with a Y2K report.
  • The interface design was colour coded around a pre existing set of product themes and graphic styles so its look was completely natural when it was launched. 
  • Feature products on the home page and nested menus on the side were new, exciting features. 
  • Vivid has produced over a dozen websites for Credit Unions and financial institutions. 

What is a HTML Web Site?

Hyper Text Markup Language is a basic set of formatting instructions for text files. HTML content is akin to having a group of formatted text files on a hard drive that everyone can look at. (The trick is to format them so that they look good.) Upload an altered version of the file to the server and you have new content. Every new page is another text file. The majority of websites were produced this way.

Fast development, relatively independent of host computer technologies, and easy to maintain with the right commercially available publishing tools. 
  • it is not easily scalable or searchable,
  • the content is not flexible in the ways it can be presented.

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