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Web Site Considerations


Popular web site topics at the studio. 


How many groups need to be accommodated on the site? What do they need to know about your business? How should they be greeted on the home page?


What corporate image issues need to be met? Are there any legalities to consider ie. disclaimer, ACN (Australian company number), copyright, terms of use, privacy policy.

Writing content

Consider the style of writing. Is it better to hire a copywiter? Beware of revealing the inner workings of the organisation in the copy, it can be very easy to read between the lines. Do you have an information structure or content hierarchy prepared? What form is the content in? Is the copy already written? Is there any video or audio material to review? What links to other relevant sites do you want included in your web site? What industry endorsement can you show?

Protecting content

Your words and terms are key to the way you differentiate yourself? Phrases you have created for products or offerings can be protected with the ™ symbol (keyboard option "2" mac) to indicate it is a trade mark term. This can be done with out it being a registered trade mark ® (keyboard option "r" mac). Outright copying of your text can be checked for by randomly searching for your key phrases and company name or you could try this very handy tool. Copyscape


How will you keep the site up to date? Who will be responsible for updating information? An internal staff member or an external consultant?


How will you promote the web site? Who will be responsible within your organisation for responding to queries/feedback/requests than come via the web site? How will you judge its effectiveness? 

Search Engine Optimisation

What level of importance do you place on search and how many resources do you wish to dedicate to it?

Visitor Tracking

Vivid recommends Google analytics and Clicky Analytics (www.getclicky.com).  


What useful customer features can be included ie. order forms or requests, a calculator, FAQ etc.

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