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Web Site Design

Web Site Design

Your website is your brand in action. It has to capture who you are as a business. For some people it is the first impression of your company. It has to be the experience you would want people to have if they turned up at your door. Maybe you want it to be even better than that.

Web Site Briefing and Strategy

Setting the communication objectives for your website according to your audiences. We match features and services to your business plan. This step sounds straight forward enough but it is often overlooked. (How many times have you seen a graphic design web site that looks like it is for other graphic designers?) We will need to work closely with you to ascertain the specific communication objectives for the home page and the major sections.

Technical specification

A full technical and feature specification details the ways the information will be manipulated, What features and how much content will be included?

Web Site Design

Is the look and feel as well as the type of user experience the site will provide. What messages will it deliver and when tied to which features and for whom? Sample screens for “look and feel” will be created during this phase. These design elements will establish a common vision for all members involved. Prior to beginning the production work, the design will be approved by all parties involved. This critical sign off enables everyone to reach a consensus regarding expectations for the finished product

Web Site Production

On receipt of your copy and imagery, Vivid will begin producing all graphic elements and HTML programming. Creating and preparing additional content can involve photography, illustration, text entry, image manipulation, 3D modelling, animation, video production, audio production, authoring and programming. Extra elements that are outside of the original scope can be costed.

Testing and revision is ongoing throughout the production process. Adequate time in the schedule for debugging and quality assurance must be allowed for. This phase is absolutely critical to having a well received product.

Content Gathering

The often underestimated task. Before we get to the sales talk the stories need facts and your hero offerings need images. Great images are even more important if it is a service. Do not underestimate this task you may need to appoint someone to that role specifically depending on the size of your site. 

Writing and/or editing

We build the site using content you provide written and styled for web browsing. We can edit your existing copy or write new text for you if there are style and readability issues to accommodate.

Going live

This involves delivering the site to the server and listing it with the major search engines. You should also issue press releases and co-ordinate other specific marketing or P.R. initiatives to inform your clients and potential clients that your Web site is now on-line for their use.

Web Site Updates and Maintenance

Following user feedback, it’s always useful to have a post-project review session to evaluate the projects successes and failures. 

We provide three ways to keep your site up to date.

  1. We can build your site with a Content Management System (CMS) for easy updating (without touching code) or,
  2. we can assist your staff with tools and training to perform updates or,
  3. we can maintain the site for you.

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